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3 Halloween Candy Strategies that Protect Your Children’s Teeth

Halloween is all about dressing up in fun costumes and eating a lot of candy. It could be dangerous for your children’s teeth, but it doesn’t have to be. These 3 strategies will help you enjoy a fun holiday without having to worry about future cavities.

Let Your Kids Enjoy Their Favorite Halloween Candies

Protecting their teeth can be about moderation and timing. Start by going through their candy with them when they bring it home. Remove any potentially unsafe items and then let them choose their favorites. Of course, not every candy can be a favorite.

The next step is to offer them toys or other items in exchange for the candy they don’t love. If the trade items are something they value, they usually will be willing to make a deal. You may be able to throw about half of the candy away with everyone being happy. This also teaches your children a healthy strategy of only eating what they value instead of nibbling away at unhealthy foods just because they are in front of them.

Set Specific Candy Eating Times

This limits the amount of time in a day their teeth are exposed to sugar. Without set times, their teeth could be marinating in sugar all day long. You can also set at least one of these treat times just before they brush their teeth, which adds another layer of cavity protection.

Start Teeth Healthy Halloween Traditions

Give your kids new toothbrushes every Halloween. Be sure to pick out ones they will really enjoy. You may also want to give them sugarless gum which can help clean their teeth between brushings.

Halloween is a great time to educate your children about sugar, cavities, and the importance of brushing their teeth. It’s even more fun if your family brushes their teeth together. Kids will believe what you say about tooth care when they see you doing it yourself.

If you or your kids are due for a dental check up and cleaning or your teeth are looking a little Spooky, be sure to give us a call.

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