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When a Tooth Breaks

While tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body chipped, fractured and broken teeth are common reasons people go to the dentist. Regular check ups and dental care can help prevent many of these problems or allow us to treat them before they become an emergency. But, things happen. And, when that thing is a tooth breaking, here is what you need to know.

When a Tooth Chips

Chipped teeth seldom require emergency dental care, but you do need to call and schedule an appointment quickly. They are unlikely to be painful and if there is a sharp uncomfortable edge a pharmacy will usually have options for covering it. The biggest concern is that the tooth will be at risk for breaking more severely so you will need to be very careful and protect it.

In many cases chipped teeth can be fixed with a simple bonding procedure, but there are times when they may require a stronger treatment like a crown.

When a Tooth Fractures or Cracks

There are times when a tooth will fracture or crack without a piece breaking off. These are usually only painful if the fracture is near the nerve. If there is no discomfort, it doesn’t need to be treated as an emergency, but you will want to call the dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It’s also important to be very careful to protect the tooth from getting worse.

If you do feel pain, try over the counter medications. If the pain is severe or persists contact your dentist right away as the nerve of the tooth may be involved.

Fractures and cracks are often repaired with crown treatment. They may require a root canal if the nerve is damaged, or on rare occasions need to be removed. While many people are concerned a root canal will be painful, the truth is that they rarely are. Having a root canal will actually relieve the pain in the fractured tooth and you will be glad you had one once it feels better.

When a Tooth Breaks

If you have had an accident or injury you will want to take over the counter pain medication and possibly apply a cold compress to your cheek to reduce swelling. Once again, pain will be the indicator of how urgent the situation is. If your tooth is hurting, call your dentist right away. Otherwise, focus on protecting the tooth from breaking further and contact the dental office for an appointment when they are open.

Teeth that have been broken are commonly treated with crowns and may need root canals if the nerve of the tooth is exposed. Occasionally they won’t be able to be saved, but your dentist will be able to provide a tooth replacement option that will feel like you have your tooth back if that happens.

We hope that you are not dealing with a dental emergency, but if you need help and you live near Orange, CA. please give us a call.

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