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What to Do If Your Crown or Bridge Comes Off

Crowns, caps, and bridges need to be microscopically sealed to keep your teeth safe from bacteria and infections, so if you think one is getting loose be sure to see your dentist right away.

Sometimes they don't give any warning and you find yourself facing a more urgent situation. 

The first thing to do is call and make a dental appointment as soon as possible. If it is after hours and you are not in serious pain, you should be okay until the office returns  your call when they come back in. Usually, any discomfort you feel will not get worse before your dental visit. When you go in for your appointment, don't forget to take the crown.

In the meantime, look inside the crown. If there is a piece of tooth in it your tooth has broken and could be damaged if you try to temporarily put the crown back on. Check your tooth, too. If it has a hole in the middle or a post sticking out of it you will want to leave it alone. Be sure to chew carefully on the other side until your dental appointment.

If your tooth looks intact, you can temporarily re-cement the crown with denture adhesive or kits you can get at the drugstore. Be very gentle doing this, don't force it. If the crown does not feel secure, you may want to leave it out so you don't accidentally swallow it if it comes loose again.

When you see the dentist they will re-cement the crown or let you know if additional treatment is needed. You will soon be smiling and chewing normally, again.

We would be happy to support you with your crown and bridge needs and promise to take great care of you.

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