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Water Flossing: An Effective Alternative to Dental Floss

Let’s face it. Some of you just aren’t going to floss regularly or maybe even at all. Others may try but have difficulty handling the floss or keeping it from breaking or getting stuck between their teeth. We get it. Flossing may not be for everyone, but when you don’t about a third of the tooth surface in your mouth never gets cleaned.

The purpose of flossing is to clean areas your toothbrush can’t reach, like in between teeth or around dental work. These are usually the same areas more likely to develop cavities, gum disease or other dental problems. Because of this, daily flossing can save you pain, money and prevent emergencies, something we can all appreciate.

If flossing is not your thing, there is an alternative that is just as effective - water flossing. Water flossers are handheld devices that use water spray to clean those hard to reach areas. They are comfortable and do a great job. Water flossers come in countertop units or cordless models that can conveniently be used while you shower or just about anywhere. Our patients who use them have really good results.

The first time you use one might feel a bit awkward and you could accidentally get a little wet but keep with it. It’s a short learning curve and you will catch on after a couple of tries.

Water flossers should be used daily, just like regular flossing or you can alternate them with using dental floss. The important thing is that you are able to clean all of your tooth services and maintain a healthy, happy smile.

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