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Trick or Treating Tips for a Healthy Halloween

For most kids, the goal is to get as much candy as they can while trick or treating. It’s part of the holiday fun to get more, more, more.

As parents, you know all that candy isn’t good for them, but trying to take it away is pretty scary, too. And so, the question becomes: How can you help your children celebrate Halloween without over doing the sugar?

Here are our tips for a healthy Halloween, both you and your kids can be happy with.

Have your kids wait until they are home before eating anything. This can be a safety issue as well as a way to take stock of everything they have.

Sort the candy together and have them pick out their favorites. If they are going to eat sugar it should be because it’s something they love, not just because it’s there.

Trade non-candy items like books or toys for the rest. Your little ones will be happy to go along with this as long as the items offered for trade are things they value more than the candy.

Choose specific times for eating Halloween treats. If you let them eat sugar whenever they want, their teeth will be marinating in sugar all day long. You get extra benefits if the designated treat times are right before they brush their teeth.

Start a holiday tradition of getting a new toothbrush for Halloween. Choose ones that are colorful and fun or have their favorite characters on them to make brushing even more special. This may also be a good time of year to schedule a professional teeth cleaning.

Celebrating Halloween can be healthy and fun when you follow these tips. We hope you give them a try.

But, if your teeth feel a little spooky, you may want to give us a call. (714) 633-2562

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