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Why You Should Consider a Tongue Scraper

We really should re-name tongue scraping to something that doesn’t sound so uncomfortable, because it really isn’t. Maybe we could just call it tongue wiping or tongue cleaning so more people would be interested in adopting this mouth healthy practice.

Our tongues are often coated with food remnants, bacteria, dead cells, sinus drainage and chemicals from processed foods. This can lead to bad breath and impact our oral health.

A tongue scraper is a special tool, usually metal or plastic, that can be used to wipe your tongue clean. When done regularly it can:

Prevent Bad Breath: Studies show that tongue scraping is more effective than simply brushing your tongue at removing bacteria that cause bad breath.

Improve Your Sense of Taste:  Your tongue can develop a white or yellow coating that covers your taste buds and inhibits your ability to enjoy food. This can lead to seeking more sugary or salty foods that are less healthy.

Keep Your Tongue Looking Nice: When the white or yellow tongue coating is removed your tongue will look pink and healthy again.

Remove Bacteria: Once the potential infection causing bacteria has been wiped away, your teeth, gums and mouth in general will be healthier. It will also be less likely for the bacteria to get into your system through swallowing, which can protect your overall health.

Tongue scraping is an excellent addition to your oral health care regimen. It only takes a couple minutes a day and is easy to do. Our hygienists will be happy to answer any questions you have and show you how to get the best results.

Our goal is to always take great care of you.

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