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The Why and How of Restoring Missing Teeth

It’s always hard to lose a tooth, but the story doesn’t need to end there. We have a variety of ways that we can replace teeth and keep your mouth healthy and strong. You may not realize how important it is to restore teeth that have been lost, but not doing so can be dangerous. Here’s why:

Missing Teeth Put Other Teeth in Jeopardy: Your teeth all work together in a balanced system and when one is lost, the balance is thrown off. When you lose one tooth, the neighboring teeth are likely to be next. Upper teeth will literally grow out of the bone looking for the missing teeth below they were meant to chew against. Teeth on either side of a space where a tooth has been removed will tip into that space, commonly resulting in new areas for gum disease to take hold, exposed roots and eventual tooth loss. Other teeth will be affected by this loss of balance as well.

Missing Teeth Can Cause TMJ and Joint Problems: Teeth that have shifted or are not in alignment can cause stress and strain on the joint that works your jaw. Patients with these joint issues often suffer with chronic pain and treatment can be complicated and expensive.

Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Health: Chewing is the first phase of the digestive process. When your food is not chewed properly you may not be able to absorb its nutrients and will be more at risk for digestive issues. This is especially dangerous for people who are older or ill.

The good news is that replacing lost teeth is easy with the many options that are now available:

We encourage you to contact us to learn which options for tooth replacement will be best for you. We are here to help and promise to take great care of you!


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