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Don’t Let Sensitive Teeth Come Between You & Your Ice Cream

We’ve never met anyone who didn’t love ice cream, but their are some people who choose not to eat it because the cold temperature makes their teeth hurt. That can make it really difficult to enjoy this popular summer treat.

Your teeth may be sensitive to cold if:

  • Wear or damage to your tooth is exposing the nerve or minimizing the protective shield of dentin around it
  • Your gums are receding, possibly due to periodontal disease or exposure to acidic foods and drinks
  • You are habitually grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism), which can put the nerves of the teeth on edge
  • You have an infection or other dental problem

If you are current with your dental check ups and feel sure there is no major problem, you can attempt to resolve your cold sensitivity at home. Try using a toothpaste designed to help sensitive teeth and eliminating exposure to foods, drinks, mouthwash, and chlorinated pools that expose your teeth to acid.

If you are behind in your dental care, home remedies do not work, or you simply want to enjoy your ice cream as soon as possible it is important to schedule a dental appointment. The most common ways that the inside layer of a tooth could be exposed are through gum recession, tooth decay, periodontal disease or a cracked tooth. We can help you resolve these issues and provide recommendations that help prevent their return.

If your teeth and gums are healthy and still sensitive to cold, it is possible that you are irritating the nerves by clenching or grinding your teeth. This happens most often at night and it may be recommended that you protect your teeth by wearing a dental appliance called a nightguard while you sleep.

There is no need to suffer in silence with sensitive teeth. We can help you resolve the sensitivity and start enjoying your favorite cold summer treats again. Give us a call today!

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