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3 Reasons We Recommend Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of Over the Counter Products

There are many products available for whitening your teeth. Everything from toothpastes, strips, gels & trays, to one hour whitening in the dental office.

If you just want a minimal update, over the counter products may help, but ultimately we always recommend professional whitening with the support of your dentist.

Here is why:

You Could Be at Risk for a Multi-Colored Smile When You Whiten Your Teeth

Certain types of discolorations may not respond to whitening products, sometimes causing the imperfections to be even more obvious as the other areas on the teeth get brighter.

Another potential risk is having had dental work or a single tooth that has turned dark in your smile. Dental materials and teeth with nerve damage that have darkened do not respond to whitening products. As your other teeth whiten the contrast in color will become greater, making your smile look even worse.

We evaluate your smile carefully for these risks before starting your whitening process and let you know of any concerns. But, don’t worry. We can provide solutions, too.

Professional Level Teeth Whitening Products Provide Better Results

The whitening materials we offer are generally stronger and work faster than what you can get at the store. The products we use are from reputable companies like Oral B and Zoom that provide research that backs up their claims of safety and effectiveness. We have years of experience working with these products and access to their whitening experts, if needed.

We Will Support You Every Step of the Way 

If you should have a question, develop sensitivity, or need special guidance, we will help you resolve any issues so that you can get the results you want.

To learn more about whitening your teeth in the most healthy and effective way, give us a call.

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