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Oral Health Tools You Should Consider

For most of us daily brushing and flossing may seem pretty straightforward. All we need is a brush, toothpaste and floss. Right?


There are new ways to ensure your at home oral heath care is both effective and easy. Here are some of our favorites.

Power Brushes - They have been around for years, but keep getting better and better. These rechargeable electric toothbrushes have been clinically proven to clean more effectively. They provide high revolutions per minute and specially designed round brush heads that clean deeply while protecting gums. Many have special features like timers and pressure sensors to help improve your results.

Water Flossers - Also called oral irrigators, these devices are for those who don't like to use dental floss or want to uplevel their effectiveness in cleaning between their teeth. They are designed to clean using water pressure, are comfortable, and very effective. There are cordless models available which are great for travel or using them in the shower.

Tongue Scrapers - Plaque, biofilm, sinus residue and foods can coat your tongue leaving a bad taste in your mouth and odor on your breath. Tongue scrapers are much more comfortable than they look or their name makes them sound. They help you clean your tongue so that you can remove the bad taste in your mouth, taste food better, and have fresh breath.

Floss Threaders - Designed for people who have braces, dental bridges or other tight spaces in their mouths, floss threaders help you guide your dental floss easily where it needs to be. They are easy to use and help you clean areas that you might otherwise have difficulty reaching.

Floss Holders - If holding and handling dental floss is a challenge for you, or you just don't like it, these floss holders will make it more comfortable. They are easy to hold and guide where you want the floss to go so that you can remove food particles and clean between your teeth.

Expanding Floss - This dental floss is great for people who have gaps between their teeth. Once you slide it into the space it expands so that it can remove plaque better. It can also be more effective in cleaning regular spaces, as well.

If you have an area in your mouth that is challenging to clean or any concerns about how to do the best job you can, our hygienists will be happy to help. Our goal is to support you in keeping your smile both healthy and happy. You can count on us to help you along the way.

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