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New Year Resolutions for Your Smile and Health

Most everyone sees the new year as a fresh start and time to set new resolutions or goals. Eating healthy and exercising are common areas they focus on, but taking care of your oral health is important too.

When you focus on keeping your mouth healthy the benefits are about more than just your teeth. Your mouth is home to many bacteria and can become a chronic source of inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with many conditions including autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Being proactive about oral health will protect your overall health as well.

Staying up to date with professional cleanings, exams and recommended treatment can help you save money and prevent inconvenient emergencies over time. When dental issues are caught early they are usually easier and more affordable to treat.

Healthy smiles will also look better and you will be less likely to suffer with things like chronic bad breath.

If there is anything about the appearance of your smile you don’t like, we can help you change it. We have the experience and technology to brighten your smile, make small changes or do a complete smile makeover. When you have a smile you feel proud of, it can create more confidence and success in your life.

We encourage you to consider resolutions and goals that include a healthy smile. Here are some ideas:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Be careful to clean all areas, not just brush quickly
  • Floss or use an oral irrigator daily to clean between your teeth
  • Brush your tongue or use a tongue cleaner daily
  • Stay up to date with professional cleanings and exams
  • Complete treatment recommended by your dentist

We hope that this coming year is one of your best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy New Year!

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