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4 Important Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Having to have a tooth removed can be upsetting enough without having to think about more dental treatment right away. But, if you don’t fill in the space where the tooth was lost there could be some serious consequences.

We recommend replacing lost teeth as soon as possible because:

The remaining teeth will be under extra stress. Your teeth work together in a balanced system and when a tooth is lost the others have to work harder. Some, possibly more than others. It is also common for certain teeth to hit harder when you bite. These extra forces on your teeth can put them at risk of being damaged and maybe even having to be extracted in the future.

Chewing is important for digestion. If you can’t chew your food well, food will go into your digestive tract in larger pieces than it is meant to. This can cause digestive issues and prevent you from absorbing the nutrients you need.

The teeth around the empty space may tip over or grow out of the bone trying to connect with their missing partner. Teeth stay in place when they rest against each other. It only takes one lost tooth to throw off the entire system and start a cycle of additional lost teeth.

Missing teeth can make you look older. A full mouth of teeth supports your cheeks and helps make your face look full. When teeth are missing you may look more gaunt or like a person who wears dentures and forgot to put them in.

It’s cheaper in the long run. If you find yourself not wanting to spend money on replacing a lost tooth, keep in mind that one lost tooth can lead to more teeth being damaged or lost. In the long run it can be cheaper to restore balance to your dental system and prevent the cost and stress of additional tooth problems.

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