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How to Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are often painful when exposed to things that are cold like ice cream or summer drinks, causing you to miss out on some of your favorite things. Sometimes, they just seem to hurt all the time.

Tooth sensitivity can be a symptom of a bigger dental problem. It can also happen to teeth that appear to be healthy.

There are two main reasons seemingly healthy teeth can become sensitive.

  1. The gums or enamel that help insulate the nerve of the tooth aredamaged or wearing away
  2. Extra stress or pressure on the tooth is triggering the nerve

It is common for gums to recede as we get older, uncovering areas where the tooth nerve is close to the surface. Sometimes, notches or grooves develop where our teeth meet the gums that become very sensitive.

Tooth grinding, also known as bruxism, is the most common cause of pressure related sensitivity. However, if other teeth have been lost or the teeth are out of alignment there may be areas where certain teeth hit harder than others.

There are some things you can try at home to relieve the sensitivity.

  • Brush gently
  • Use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid acidic or carbonated foods and drinks
  • Get treatment if you have GERD or acid reflux
  • Don’t eat or drink triggering foods

If these remedies don’t help or you would like to get relief faster, give us a call.

We can usually find the issue quickly and support you in minimizing gum recession if that is the cause. If you have grooves at the gumline we may be able to fill them in so your teeth are insulated again.

When teeth grinding is an issue orwe are not sure of the cause of your sensitivity, we will likely recommend anightguard appliance to protect the nerves of your teeth from any extrapressure or stress.

In some cases, we may even find an undiagnosed tooth problem that is making itself known by irritating the nerve. We can fix those, too.

You do not need to continue suffering with sensitivity or avoiding foods and drinks you enjoy.

For relief from sensitive teeth,give us a call:

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