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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in Your Midlife & Senior Years

With proper care, most of us have the ability to experience good oral health and keep our teeth for our lifetimes. There are, however, some special risks to be aware of as we reach our midlife and senior years.

Dry Mouth – Your mouth can become drier as you get older, especially if you take medications. This condition is not only uncomfortable, but it can contribute to cavities, sometimes several at a time.

Gum Recession – Your gums can recede due to hard brushing, dental disease, or simply over time. This will expose new sensitive areas of your teeth and could lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal Gum Disease – You have a higher risk of developing this condition in your midlife and senior years.  The chronic infection and inflammation that characterize this disease not only threaten your teeth, but have been linked to several serious medical conditions, as well.

Difficulty Caring for Your Teeth – Handling a toothbrush and floss can become challenging, especially if you have arthritis or tremors.

And the Good News Is – We can help. We are experienced and skilled at supporting people who experience these challenges related to aging smiles.

Our goal is to help you keep your teeth comfortable and healthy for your lifetime. Give us a call. We promise to take great care of you.

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