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Health Conditions Can Contribute to Dental Problems

Our bodies are systems of separate parts that work together as a whole. That is why infections or inflammation in your mouth can affect your overall health. The reverse can also be true.

Here are some common medical issues that can cause dental problems.

Diabetes: People with this condition are more likely to get periodontal gum disease, infections and cavities. Diabetics heal slower and often have dry mouths which set them up for oral health challenges. This can become a cycle of poor health since gum disease can impact insulin levels and make diabetes worse as well.

Eating Disorders: It is important to provide good nutrition to keep your mouth and body healthy. The biggest specific danger to your mouth with these disorders is bulimia or throwing up regularly. Throwing up creates a backwash of acid that destroys tooth enamel and can lead to severe tooth damage.

Asthma: Regular use of inhalers can lead to a dry mouth. Without saliva protection, teeth are much more susceptible to cavities and other oral health issues.

Taking Medications: Many prescription and over the counter medicines also contribute to dry mouth, cavities and other dental problems.

Osteoporosis: Bone loss or weakness from this condition can cause fractures, tooth loss and jaw problems like TMJ or TMD.

Stress: A common symptom of stress is teeth grinding, especially at night. This can contribute to tooth fractures, sensitivity, and jaw discomfort.

Your overall health and dental health are linked and it is important to practice habits that will keep you healthy on all fronts. Eat well, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, brush, floss, and get regular check ups with both your doctor and your dentist.

If you do not already have a dentist you love, give us a call. We have the experience, training, professionalism, and caring hearts that will help keep you smiling.

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