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Give the Gift of Sharing Your Smile

While the holiday season can be exciting, fun and full of meaningful moments, it can also be stressful. There is just so much to get done. Some holidays are impacted by sad things that have happened or people who won’t be there. It’s not always easy to fire up our holiday spirit.

At the same time, we are surrounded by people who are struggling to enjoy the holidays, many of whom keep their unhappiness hidden. It would be nice to be able to cheer them up, while relieving our own stress as well.

While there may not be a lot we can do, there is one thing we can and that is to share our smile with the people we encounter.

Smiling will benefit you by flooding your brain with chemicals that improve your mood. It can help you feel happier and improve your energy so you can get more done. Your smile can also increase your immune function, which can be important this time of year.

Smiling also helps others. You may never know the true impact of a simple smile you share. Smiles ae contagious, meaning that the people you smile at get to enjoy the same benefits you do when they start to smile too. They are also likely to share their smiles with their family, friends, co-workers and strangers on the street. Just imagine how many people may be impacted by just one of your smiles. Consider the possibilities of a family or office team feeling happier and being kinder to each other. There are even stories of how someone's life has been saved by a stranger's smile.

Your smile is that powerful. It is also free to share and easy to do.

We encourage you to remember this as you go through your holiday season and even into the future and hope that you feel inspired to share the power of your smile with the world.


We also hope that you have a wonderful holiday season full of love, fun and meaningful moments.


Happy Holidays!


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