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Diabetes and Gum Disease: A Dangerous Combination

If you have diabetes it is important to take care of your oral health and see your dentist regularly. Studies show that there is a link between diabetes and gum disease or other oral infections that can create a cycle of disease.

1 – Infections in your mouth like gum disease can contribute to the onset or worsening of diabetes. They can also impact your ability to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.

2 – High blood sugar caused by diabetes feeds the bacteria in your mouth putting you at a higher risk for periodontal gum disease, infections, cavities, and other dental problems. 

To keep this dangerous cycle under control, it is important to take care of both your teeth and overall health:

  • Do your best to keep your blood sugar levels under control
  • Be sure to let your dentist know about your diabetes
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Visit your dentist and dental hygienist as often as they recommend. 
  • Eat and stabilize your blood sugar before dental appointments
  • Keep in mind that healing may take a little longer
  • Check with your medical doctor before major dental treatment, especially for gum disease or anything that is infected.

Dental care is an important part of your diabetic self-care. 

Here at KN Dentistry, we understand the importance of controlling this cycle between oral health problems and diabetes.  We would love to become part of your health care team and promise to take great care of you.

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