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Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes is a medical condition that impacts your body’s ability to process sugar. The long term effects of this disease can be deadly and it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations to stay as healthy as possible.

Having high blood sugar puts you at risk for a number of medical conditions, some of which can even be life threatening. It also can play havoc with your oral health.

How Diabetes Affects Your Mouth

Diabetics are more likely to experience dental problems like:

  • Gum infections
  • Tooth loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Cavities
  • Periodontal gum disease
  • Thrush and other fungal infections
  • Difficulty healing
  • Inhibited ability to taste food

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that eats away at your gums and the bone that supports your teeth. It is the number one cause of tooth loss.

When your blood sugar is elevated the bacteria in your mouth are more likely to get out of control, putting your mouth in a state of chronic infection. Oral bacteria can also get into your blood stream easily through the soft tissue of your mouth or swallowing, making them even more dangerous.

On the flip side, having gum disease can make it even harder for you to control your diabetes causing an endless cycle of medical and dental problems.

How to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Being diligent in keeping your mouth clean is very important for diabetics. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing once. Staying up to date with professional teeth cleanings and dental exams will be crucial to maintaining your oral health. Be sure to keep us up to date with any changes in your diabetic treatment or condition.

We may want you to come in more often, especially if we see signs of gum disease. We may also have other recommendations that will help keep your mouth clean, healthy and comfortable.

If you are diabetic or borderline diabetic, we would love to partner with you in keeping your mouth as healthy as possible.

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