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Dental Crowns - Like a Suit of Armor for Your Teeth

Most of us will need at least one dental crown during our lives. They are one of the most diagnosed dental treatments, and rightfully so. Dental crowns protect and save teeth. They are like a suit of armor that is wrapped around vulnerable teeth to restore their integrity and protect them from harm.

Reasons that we may recommend a crown for one of your teeth include:

Holding together a cracked or fractured tooth – When teeth have fractures or cracks the pressure of chewing can cause them to split or break more, often causing pain, and temperature sensitivity. In severe cases the root of the tooth that holds the nerve can be exposed or damaged, increasing pain levels and putting the tooth at risk for an abscess, root canal or extraction. Crowns hold the tooth together to prevent this from happening.

Protecting a tooth with severe damage – Other types of damage can put your tooth at risk as well. This can include cavities that have grown too large to treat with a filling, root canals, or when a tooth that already has a lot of dental work needs more treatment. Sometimes it is the result of an accident. Whatever the cause, the tooth can often be saved by getting a crown.

Improving the appearance of your smile – Dental crowns are often used in smile makeovers where teeth may be discolored, damaged or need a new shape. They work well for for teeth that have prior dental work or need major changes, while others may simply have veneers. Crowns and veneers that show in your smile are made out of zirconia or porcelain which have a beautiful, natural appearance.  

Making bridges to replace missing teeth – Dental crowns can be used to support and secure replacement teeth after an extraction. When used this way they are called bridges and because they are fixed (don’t come in and out) are a welcome alternative to dentures or partial dentures.

Creating natural looking and functioning teeth over implants –There are two steps to the dental implant process. The first is surgical placement of a titanium root in the jaw and the second is placing a fully functioning tooth over it in the form of a crown.

These are the main reasons we may recommend a crown for you and we do so with confidence. We know that the dental crowns we make will look good, feel good and last a long time.

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