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Covid 19: 4 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy

We are living in a strange world these days. It feels like we somehow landed in the middle of a science fiction movie, but it is all very real.

The internet is full of videos on how to wash your hands, clean groceries, make a mask and other ways to keep you and your family safe during these dangerous times. There is no shortage of resources to learn those things, but we have a few others we want to add from our dental perspective.

Don’t store your family toothbrushes in a way that they touch each other. Many people use hanging toothbrush holders that leave brush heads close together or keep all their family brushes together in a cup. These damp brushes can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that can be easily transferred to other family members if the brush heads touch.

Disinfect your bathroom counter regularly. Bathrooms can get messy, especially if you have kids. Tooth brushes are often set down on the counter top before or after brushing, allowing germs on them to spread and infect the next thing that touches that area.

Wash your hands like a dentist. Dentists wash their hands all day long and they do a thorough job of it. Doctors too, of course. Keep us in mind throughout the day so that you wash often. Your kids might be motivated by pretending to be a doctor or dentist and wash more carefully, too.

Keep your mouth healthy. One of the common causes of chronic inflammation in the body is a bacterial infection called gum disease. It is very common and many people have it without knowing it. Gum disease has been linked to overall health conditions, but at a minimum it keeps your immune system busy when it could be fighting other things. You can prevent gum disease with routine home care including brushing and flossing every day.

These ideas are not just for coronavirus. Keep them in mind for the future to help prevent colds and the flu, as well.

We hope that you and yours stay healthy and look forward to seeing you once we are allowed to re-open.

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