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Could Cracked Tooth Syndrome Be Causing Your Tooth Pain?

When a patient comes in with tooth pain, yet everything looks normal, one of the things we consider is Cracked Tooth Syndrome. CTS is caused by cracks or fracture lines in teeth that are often difficult to diagnose by conventional methods.

You may be experiencing CTS if:

·        Your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold

·        It is sensitive to pressure, biting or touch

·        You have intermittent or sharp pains

Cracked Tooth Syndrome often starts with mild symptoms that worsen over time if the crack deepens. If left untreated it may cause a cavity, root canal or even the loss of the tooth. And, a lot of pain.

If your teeth fracture, it is likely due to some form of stress like eating hard foods, misalignment causing them to hit harder in some areas, clenching or grinding or some form of accident or trauma. Sometimes, they can be caused by prior dental treatment and in recent years we have seen an increase in fractures in people with oral piercings.

Treatment for CTS depends on the severity of the fracture. We may also recommend a nightguard appliance or other interventions if the cause is due to grinding your teeth or a habit like eating ice.

Our goal will always be to keep you out of pain and provide the best solutions possible. As with all dental issues, catching things early is likely to make treatment easier and less expensive. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you realize something is happening.

You can trust us to always take great care of you.


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