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5 Things to Look for in a Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing to change your smile is a big decision, one that has the potential to also change your life. It is important to work with a dentist that makes you feel comfortable and confident they can provide the results you want. Here are some things to look for:

They listen carefully and understand what you are asking for. This is about YOUR smile and knowing that they are taking the time to be clear about what you want is important. If they listen to understand and care about your concerns you are more likely to be happy with the results.

They show you pictures of smile makeovers they have done. Many dentists use professional presentation books that show various cosmetic techniques. These books are great tools for understanding the process, but you will want to know that the dentist you are talking to has the experience and expertise to deliver what you want. Seeing pictures of actual cases done in their office can give you that.

You don’t feel pressured or sold. You will want to know that the dentist and her team care more about you and your smile then the money they will bring in. If you feel pressured or the sales pitch is a little too slick, you may want to try another office.

They answer all of your questions. When a dentist and their team take time to make sure you are fully informed and comfortable before proceeding, it let’s you know that serving you is their priority. It is important that you understand the process and costs involved and feel confident before moving forward.

You feel you can trust them. Sometimes, you just have a feeling that you are in the right place. You will want a cosmetic dentist who is caring, has the training and experience needed, and you know will take good care of you. When you find those things, you are likely in the right place.

Here, at KN Dentistry, we feel confident you will find the caring team and dental expertise you are looking for. We would love to talk to you about what you would like for your smile and hope you give us a call soon. You will be glad you did.

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