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Teaching Your Children to Take Care of Their Teeth

No one wants their kids to grow up living with the financial, emotional, and physical strain that comes with neglected teeth. It is important to instill good oral health habits while they are young, but kids don’t always understand how important taking care of their teeth is.

Motivating Your Children to Brush and Floss

One of the easiest ways to instill a habit of daily brushing and flossing is to make it a family event. When you brush and floss your teeth with your kids you are modeling a healthy habit. You will also be able to ensure they are doing it well. Your children will begin to see daily brushing and flossing as a normal part of life.

Let them choose their own toothbrushes that are colorful or have their favorite characters on them. There are also brushing timers, 2 minute songs, and flossing aids all geared toward making these habits easy and fun.

The tooth fairy or their favorite cartoon characters can be part of the fun too. Leave notes around the house signed by them encouraging your children to continue brushing and flossing well. You may even want to consider a reward system like gold stars on a chart or a special gift when they consistently do a good job.

Taking Your Children to the Dentist

Our goal is to always make your children’s visits to our office seem fun. Most of us are moms and we love kids, so taking great care of your children is only natural. We will make your kids feel special and explain what we are doing carefully so they can understand and are not afraid.

You can prepare your little ones for their first dental visit by talking about it positively and sharing coloring books, videos, or books on the subject. It’s important that you stay relaxed even if you are nervous or are afraid of the dentist yourself so that they don’t pick up on your energy and become nervous.

When your children grow up experiencing daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist they will be more likely to maintain good oral heath throughout their lives and avoid the financial, emotional, and physical stress neglected teeth can bring.

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