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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Health

We get to talk to a lot of people about dentistry and realize there are some questions we hear more often than others. Maybe you have them too. We appreciate your wanting to be more informed and thought it might be nice to share some answers to questions that may be on your mind. Here we go!

Do I really need to come in every 6 months?

Yes. When people stay away longer than 6 months we start to see more advanced dental problems as well as chronic inflammation and gum disease. There are areas of your teeth that you can’t reach to clean at home and having a professional cleaning every 3-6 months prevents gingivitis and periodontal disease which are bacterial infections. This is especially important because they are the number one cause of tooth loss and the chronic inflammation they cause has been linked to dangerous medical conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Your 6 month dental exam will in most cases catch things in the early stages including oral cancer, cavities, and other dental issues.

Why do I need a crown?

Crowns are recommended for teeth that have been damaged to the point of being at high risk. There is usually a crack, fracture or substantial breakdown of the tooth structure and crowns help us save the tooth which might otherwise be lost. Crowns cover your tooth with porcelain or metal that acts like a suit of armor to protect it from further damage. They also allow us to reshape the tooth to it’s original form, which helps function and prevents other possible problems due to a misaligned bite.

Why are crowns expensive?

Crowns may seem to cost a lot, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. We understand, but believe they are worth it. Dental crowns are under the category of major dentistry and used when there is more advanced damage. The materials used to make them are not cheap, usually gold or high quality porcelains that will stay strong and last a long time. The actual process for making a crown involves using a dental lab where they are custom made or high cost special equipment similar to a 3-D printer the dentist has to pay for. A small percentage of the amount you pay actually goes to the dentist. We are sorry that they may feel expensive, but are grateful that we can use them to save and protect your teeth.

Should I see the dentist if I’m pregnant?

Definitely. It is even more important to take good care of your oral health while you are expecting. Dental problems can cause premature birth and low birthrate babies. We promise to consider your baby’s health in anything we do by following current medical guidelines and talking to your doctor if needed.

Why should I replace a missing tooth?

In most cases losing a tooth is not just about your ability to chew or the appearance of your smile. Your teeth function together as a system and hold each other in place. When one is missing, the other teeth start moving, which creates a new set of problems, often resulting in more lost teeth. Replacing a missing tooth maintains your ability to chew, joint health and protects your other teeth.

Should I see the dentist before whitening my teeth?

There are many options for whitening your teeth including over the counter ones. Professional teeth whitening from the dental office tends to be stronger and helps you get the smile you want faster. You also have the support of your dental team if you have questions or need assistance. If you have dental work or discolorations on your front teeth, we recommend getting them evaluated by the dentist before whitening. Some dental materials and color issues do not respond well to normal whitening products and can leave you with a mismatched smile.

Do you do cosmetic dentistry?

Improving smiles is one of our favorite things to do. We love seeing how excited and confident people become when they get the smile they have always wanted. Our training and expertise in porcelain veneers, cosmetic crowns, bonding and other cosmetic dental procedures can ensure you get the best results and love sharing your smile with the world.

We hope these answers have helped answer some of your dental questions. In order to get answers related to your specific dental needs, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We would love to help you feel more informed and get the healthy happy smile you deserve.

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