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7 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy in Winter

Winter is the season when we see viruses spread quickly. We commonly spend more time indoors, often in close quarters at work or school, with others who may be sick or about to be and don't know they are contagious. Protecting our families from colds, flu, RSV and Covid becomes more important than ever because if one family member becomes ill, the others are more likely to get sick too.

The most common advice for staying healthy includes washing your hands regularly and covering your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze, but there are other things you can do as well. Keeping your family healthy begins with keeping their immune systems strong so providing healthy, nutrient dense meals is a good start. The greatest risk though, is transmission between family members and because tooth brushes go in our mouths they can contribute to the spread of viruses. You don't have to be sharing toothbrushes (which we never recommend) to be exposed to another family member's illness.

To prevent spreading viruses via tooth brushes from one family member to another, we recommend:

  • Storing family toothbrushes in a way that prevents them from touching each other
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toothbrushes with peroxide or mouthwash on a regular basis
  • Providing new toothbrushes for anyone who was sick as soon as they recover
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toothbrush storage containers regularly
  • Getting each family member their own tube of toothpaste and floss and reminding them not to touch the tube directly with their brush

And smiling! Smiling increases immunity!

We hope that you and your family stay healthy this winter and enjoy our season of holidays. If you should have any dental needs, please give us a call.

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