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5 Things We are Thankful For

In this time of Thanksgiving, our thoughts go to the blessings we experience every day in our office. They include little moments like someone seeing their new smile for the first time, saving a tooth or relieving a patient’s pain. They also include larger things that are meaningful to us.

We are thankful for:

Being open after the Covid shutdown – It was very scary to not be able to serve our patients the way we normally do. Knowing that dental problems will worsen without care, we felt like the shutdown was dangerous for our patient’s dental health even as we understood the reasons for it. Since then we appreciate each and every day we can come in to take care of our family of patients. It’s something we took for granted before, but never will again.

Our wonderful patients – We feel truly blessed to serve patients we love and enjoy. Seeing your names on our schedule for the day makes us smile and we look forward to visiting and taking care of you. We appreciate your warmth, kindness, and trusting we always have your best interests at heart. Our office is often full of laughter and heartfelt shares and it wouldn’t be possible without each of you.

Your kind referrals – We are grateful for the trust you show in us when you refer a friend or family member and take it very seriously. Your friends become our friends. And, your family becomes a part of our dental family as well. We promise to always do our best to take good care of them

Our work family – We are blessed to have a team of people that come together with a passion for service and love of dentistry. We each have individual skills and areas of expertise that allow us to offer dental services we can be proud of. We also have big hearts that make our days together special and help you feel cared for in the best way possible.

New technology – There have been many advances in the dental field that allow us to take care of our patients in ways that result in more comfort and better outcomes. We are very grateful to work in a field where things just keep getting better and better, helping us make our patients happier and happier.

These are just a few of the many things we are grateful for. We hope that you have many blessings in your lives as well and wish you a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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